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  Summary:  Flexible Web Content Management

Mason-CM is a web content management system for arbitrary any file based web roots.


It's optimised to manage multiple sites of SMB's with multiple graphic designer companies. It doesn't influence how the sites are built. It could be a flash site, Dreamweaver sites or managing the configuration and handler files of a Bricolage based web-site. Mason-CM is written using the Mason templating and scripting system. Therefore it can be quickly adapted to the specific needs. It doesn't need a database to be set-up. In general 'simple' is the key of that system!

Mason-CM is written using the Mason delivery engine

Relase of Mason-CM 1.3 (April 2006)

After a pause of nearly 3 years, finally the most important fixes were done! Nevertheless we were using it since then on a daily basis. If you want to manage web content without a DB. Mason and Mason-CM might be your choice.

Relase of Mason-CM 1.2 (August 2003)

After using the last verion about two month, the end user reported a few things which could be solved better. They were optimized. At the same time some minor bugs (butterflies) could be erased. That's why I consider this as a stable release (1.2). The only thing really missing is a stress test with many concurrent users. But this await the real case. I use it on single fast Linux box where many sites and projects run at the same time. The twenty remote users of Mason-CM never complied about performance.

Relase of Mason-CM 1.1 (May 2003)
After the major release in March, I was asked to update the code for the latest version (1.20) of the Mason delivery engine.
It was not so hard to clean up the code, mainly the new caching implementation needed some attention. But while doing so, I tested all functions. I discovered a few little bugs and irregularities - and of course corrected them. This makes Mason-CM behave simply slick :-)
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