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1.3 18.03.2006 01:18 Christian Hauser

- Added a release function if RCS is enabled and it's not 
  a staging productive branch. 
- Marked as locked also files which are locked by the actual user
- Fixed the version number display if cache has been deleted 
  or expired
- Fixed the error after a first trigger where the status remained 
  on staging
- Fixed minor bugs and corrected spellings
- Fixed 404 responses
- Optimized download serve

1.2 23.08.2003 11:32 Christian Hauser

- Removed the usage of File::PathConvert::realpath
  which has been set as deprecated
- Centralized check method for not fiddling up the path
  of a branch via manual changed query strings instead
  of having the same code over and over
- Rewrote the copyFile.comp
- Fixed wrong error message while copying or moving
- Optimized the internal error stack
- More precise installing instructions
- Bulk Trigger, which is still not working, is not
  showed when there is no productive area

1.1 30.05.2003 13:28 Christian Hauser

* Made it Mason 1.20 (1.14-1.19) compatible. 
* Optimized behavior of Branch parameter 'compile' and 
  'data_dir' and added 'object'. 
- Enabled that Branch parameter 'path' can reside deeper 
  in a Mason comp_root
- Renewed checking for Mason compilation errors
- Fixed some caching irregularities
- Fixed cookie problem sometimes not been set
- Fixed reload list
- Fixed triggering out of search
- Fixed wrapping while viewing text files
- Optimized all the redirect cases; external, internal, request
- Enhanced install documentation

1.0b 31.03.2003 17:13 Christian Hauser

- Some fixes on spell cheking and ACL
- Added a start desktop page

1.0a 22.03.2003 13:44 Christian Hauser

* Really changed everything ...
- Made it Mason 1.05-9 compatible
- Locking now for all file types
- Multi user project setup
- File download server, incl security
- Versioning on any file write related action
- Cleared conflicts in the meaning of version and 
  checkout (locking) in MCM
- Function menu on directories and files
- Templates for new text files
- New withdraw functionality when using triggering 
- Enhanced spell check interface
- Many upload functionalities
- Rollback on versions also for binary files
- Simple user admin interface when using .htaccess files 
- User can change the password when using .htaccess files
- Closed all (did I say all?) security holes
- Brought in four important globals $mcm, $prj, $ses, $req
- General redesign to fit more an object oriented content 
  wrapping using 'autohandler' and 'dhandler'

0.4b  Sun Feb 27 10:42:16 PST 2000

- Removed semicolons from <%ARGS> sections for 0.7 compatibility
- Fixed use of $INTERP to version-specific
- Fixed repeated variables in declaration in editComp



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