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CONFIGURATION, howto configure MCM


All runtime information to the Mason Content Management software system.

This component returns a big ref hash containing the MCM configuration. 
Modify the sections to activate extra features like the use off cookies 

The type matches to the viewer pages. So e.g. *image* is shown with 
'/file/view/'. You can not invent new types without the cor-
responding viewer, which is not checked automatically. The file extension 
'none' refers to no extension. After configuration loading this hash will 
be $mcm->{extensions}->{'gif'} contains 'image'

        file_type => {
        	image => ['jpg','jpeg','gif','png','bmp','ico','tif'],
        	binary => ['doc','pdf','xls','ppt','pps','gz','zip'],
        	component => ['none','html','snip','tmpl'],
        	text => ['txt','css','js']

A caching of (1s) is low for impatient people or very high (1d) for easy 
goers, have lunch ...  Do not set these high when you set up the system. 

	cacheRuntimeConf => '1d',	# some caching of this conf file
	cacheProjectConf => '1d',	# the user specific project conf
	cacheACLConf => '1h', 		# the user path ACL
	cacheSystemUID => '12h',	# the system user id

mcmProject.*.conf & mcmBranch.*.conf

The mcmRuntime.conf returns a big hash ref containing the current 
MCM project configuration. Modify the sections to activate extra 
features like version control, spell check, etc. (MCM's workflow model 
is described in the README). 

Any directories configured below must already exist. If you get nasty
error screens like "Couldn't write to trash directory!", first check
to see that the dir exists, then make sure its writeable by the server
process (common error). 

The file 'mcmProject.*.conf' has to be saved with the star replaced by the 
projectname used in mcmUserProject.conf where users are mapped to a project. 

All the params to mcmProject.*.conf are described in the conf file. 

Here some detils to the param $prj->{branch} which is fed by 

The branches appear (in order) in the "Branch Selector" on MCM's home
page. It is very important to understand when using multiple 
mcmProject.*.conf or branches with the same contents it is crucial to 
use the same branchname for the same path. Otherwise locking may show 
different results by accessing via different projects or branches. 
This is not checked automatically. 

	branches => ['branchname1','branchname 2','branchname-3'],
Normally these hidden branches are not shown on the index page, but can be 
activated through the profile page. 

	brancheshidden => ['branchname-3'],
Following some examples of a mcmBranch.*.conf files (*=branchname)

	return {
		path => '/somepath/domain/masonpreroot/www',
		trg_from => 'masonpreroot', trg_to => 'masonroot',
		compile => 1,
		data_dir => '/somepath/domain/masondata',
		object => 1,
		comp_root => '/somepath/domain/masonpreroot',
		comp_key => 'SITE',
		url => 'http://preview.domain',
		url_base => '/www',
		use_trash => 1,
		use_rcs => 1
	return {
		path => '/somepath/domain/masonroot/intranet',
		url => 'http://preview.domain',		
		url_serve => 1,
		use_trash => 1,
		use_rcs => 1,
	return {
		path => '/somepath/domain/masonroot/images',
		compile => 1,
		serve => 'http://some.domain',
 -- path: The only required param. Absolute path to this file system 
       without an ending /
 -- trg_from/trg_to: If defined, then this is a staging branch whose
       files can be triggered to production. 'from' and 'to' define the
       left and right side of a substitution to convert a staging path to
       a production path. For instance, consider a staging file
       /docs/staging/comps/index. If our production area is
       /docs/production/comps, we would set from='staging' and
       to='production' to get /docs/production/comps/index.
 -- compile: Mason components are recognized by the file 
       extensions noted in mcmRuntime.conf. If compile is true, all these 
       type of files in this branch are treated as Mason components. When 
       saved or triggered, they are checked for Mason compile errors 
       and their associated cache files are deleted on success. 
       See also: object, data_dir
 -- object: If set to true components get their object files written to
       the path "data_dir"/obj/* store while triggering or, when not 
       using 'trg_from/trg_to', while saving. Useful when your production 
       server has 'static_source' enabled (in which case object files must 
       be precompiled.  
       Requires: compile, data_dir
       See also: comp_root
 -- data_dir: If present deletes cache and object files while deleting a 
       file from MCM. Needed also for writing object files. 
       While using 'trg_from/trg_to', the "data_dir" of either the staging 
       or productive area may be used. With 'trg_from/trg_to' enabled, also 
       the cache file get's deleted after successfull triggering. 
       See also: compile, object, comp_root, comp_key
 -- comp_root: This is used to resolve the absolute path within a Mason 
       component root. Only needed if 'path' differs from 'comp_root'.
       See also: path, object
 -- comp_key: Used with data_dir directive, to tell under which key
       this comp root runs. Only needed when using multiple comp_root  
       as sepcified in HTML::Mason::Interp. 
       See also: data_dir
 -- url: Use this url to preview the component files directly within an 
       application. Very simple in use, does not really support query 
       and dhandlers. 
 -- url_base: Is used by url to subtract a web root higher then the given
       Requires: url
 -- url_serve: If true, binary or images files are loaded from the given 
       url while viewing them. Used to serve very large or many files. 
       Bypasses the MCM "/file/serve" which serves binaries by default. 
       Requires: url
 -- use_trash: Safe delete. Set this param if you want MCM to save files 
       zipped in to a trashcan before deleting. 
       Otherwise, deletion is permanent.
 -- use_rcs: Set this param to use versions. If installed, Rcs is used to 
       control versioning on files.

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