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Mason Content Management, Version 1.2
The Mason Content Management system, as its name implies, makes it
easy for users to manage content files and workflow between staging
and production filesystems. By far the most common application is for
managing staging and production versions of a web site. It is
constructed as a set of HTML::Mason components and must be installed
on a web server running the HTML::Mason delivery engine. For details,
check out 

MCM is optimised to use the mod_perl application layer of apache. 
This technology compiles any Perl code at startup or first use. Often 
used objects are kept in the RAM. A fast creation and delivery of a 
page is guaranteed. 

Mason Content Management was developed and tested extensively at CMP
Media, Inc., a print and electronic media publishing company. CMP has
graciously consented to release Content Management to the Perl community 
(along with Jonathan Swartz's HTML::Mason) in 1997. 

In 2002/2003 Mason Content Management has been totally rewritten by 
IT assistance Ltd., Switzerland to fit the Mason upgrades but mainly 
to get a much better usability. 

IT assistance Ltd. assumes no relation or liability for its continued 
maintenance or support. Questions or comments should be directed to the 
author, Christian Hauser.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself. 

	Copyright 2003 Christian Hauser,
	Copyright 2000 Jaron J. Rubenstein
	Copyright 2000 Michael Alan Dorman
	Copyright 1999 Mark Schmick,
	Copyright 1997 Dave Rolsky

Mason Content Management is essentially a web-based file manager,
making is easy for users to browse, edit and trigger files from
staging to production. 

The strength in comparison to other web content management system is 
the fact that it can be put over any existing file based web production 
already in place. 

You can click your way down directory levels; enter file or directory
paths directly; or execute powerful recursive searches by file name or
file contents.

Viewers are included for examining text, images and binary files; these
remember your favorite screen dimensions. Dimensions are also
remembered in the file editor, used when changing content or Mason
component files (in multi-user environments, files are locked during
editing; others attempting to edit the same file receive a "file in
use" error). When saving Mason components, the Content Management
editor alerts you to any Perl/Mason compile errors. The MCM editor also 
includes an HTML-friendly spell checker.

When you're ready to "go live", content and component files can be
"triggered", or copied, from staging to production from within Content
Management. If Rcs version control is enabled, changes to each file are
logged in a version history; past versions of a file can be viewed, 
rollback-ed or retrieved at any time.

Unpack the Content Management tarball inside your apache web root, 
then read the INSTALL and ADMIN documents carefully.


    Content Management is an inherently dangerous application,
    as it grants privileged users access to the file system and
    Mason components. This is equivalent to granting users a shell
    account on the machine running Content Management. Please heed
    carefully the security suggestions in the INSTALL and ADMIN
    Anyhow MCM takes care that only files within a branch can be
    accessed, if the branch is properly configured. Backticks are 
    suppressed in any way :-)


16.09.2003 14:53, Christian Hauser,



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