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  Help:  Preview Rendering

Mason Content Management can display content and component files as plain HTML, as web pages (rendered HTML), or even as preview page (Mason rendered).

There are two ways to reach the rendered view of a page:
  • From the file viewer
    At the bottom of the viewer page, next to [REDRAW], there's now a [RENDER PAGE] button which flips to a rendered view in the viewer box. You can then hit [SHOW HTML] to flip back to non-rendered mode.
  • From the file editor
    Use the save option RENDER, which saves your changes and takes you to the viewer described above. In this case a new button EDIT at the bottom of the viewer is provided to take you back to the editor.
Caveat: if your HTML is messed up, so too will be your rendered page -- if its bad enough (unclosed table, etc), you may see nothing at all in the rendered view!

If there has been specified a preview url in the branch configuration, you see at the bottom of the render page a button [PREVIEW] which will lead you to the url and path of the file. Add an optional query value to the text field.



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