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  Help:  Searching

You can search for files in Content Management either by filename or content. These searches are recursive: files and subdirectories under the current one are scanned, then their subs, then their subs, and so on. Typically you'll be searching for plain characters or words, but your search strings can also be full-fledged Perl regular expressions.

Filename searches look for the given pattern anywhere in a filename. Content searches scan the entire contents of text files, and display matching tokens in red when the file is viewed in the File Viewer.

Keep the following performance limitations in mind, especially when doing regular expression searches:

  1. Search is disabled from the root level of a branch, since some branches contain hundreds of thousands of files.
  2. Use case-insensitive searches sparingly. In some cases they can slow your search dramatically.

TOC filenames containing "TOC"
^[mMpP] filenames beginning with "m" or "p" (upper or lower case)
\\.(bat|com|exe)\$      all filenames ending with .bat, .com, or .exe (we escape the "." wildcard, else we match things like "wombat" and "datacom"
\\bsing\\b the word "sing" (with word boundaries "\\b"), as opposed to ...
sing the four-character sequence "sing" (matches hissing, lapsing, etc.)


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